A Comprehensive Guide: What is a Poker Run?

What is a poker run, and how does it work? Poker runs are events in which participants travel to various locations and accomplish challenges in order to win poker chips, which are then exchanged for poker chips. The individual who has the greatest number of chips at the end of the day is the winner!

This guide explains in details, what is a poker run and everything else you need to know about poker runs.

What is a Poker Run?

Poker runs are a popular activity in the motorcycle community. They offer a chance for camaraderie as well as competition. These runs allow bikers to travel routes that they might not have considered before and can also be a great way for charities to raise funds.

Most people are familiar with the basics of poker, which is why it is one of the most loved card games in the world. Poker runs use poker rules to determine who has a better hand. However, it is always up to chance to decide who the winner is.

You could find the next poker run near you if you’re looking for a great day out and a way to meet new people.

What Does a Poker Run Look Like?

This information is recorded and players will have a set number of card values to use in their hand by the end. Participants can only pick five cards if they have less cards. Although poker runs are typically done on motorcycles, they have been known in the past to use other modes of transportation.

A poker run could also be done on foot.


Traditional poker requires players to make a hand with five cards. For example, Texas Hold’em gives each player two hole cards. They must use these together with the community cards to make the best hand.

Seven cards are required for 7-card Stud. Each player gets five cards. Each one of them must use the five playing cards to make a hand.

Participants follow a predetermined path with checkpoints at different locations during a poker run. Players may have to stop at five or seven points. Each time they stop, they get a card.

Traditional poker requires players to consider all options before each card is dealt. There are many rounds of betting that can be used to eliminate players who draw dead or have weaker hands. There is a lot of skill involved in this game as players must assess the hands of their opponents.

It is slightly different in a poker run.

Poker Run Basics

Let’s start by reviewing the rules of poker. Each player contributes an ante to help build the pot. Each player is then dealt five cards and must attempt to make a winning hand.

In a real game of poker, players place wagers based on how strong their hand is relative the opponents’. The highest hand (according the established ranking of poker hand) wins.

A poker run is similar in the sense that participants collect playing cards and attempt to win a prize. A poker run will take place along a predetermined route. It may be through scenic, historic, or urban areas.

The run will have five stops. Every participant draws a card at each stop and it is recorded on a scorecard. The prize pool is split between everyone who paid to enter the poker run and the player who builds the best hand.

A portion of the entry fee paid by participants will go into the prize pool. Another part will go towards a local charity or motorcycle club. A poker run may be considered gambling by some definitions.

Many organizations that host poker runs offer games of skill such as dart throwing contests that can help improve a participant’s score.

Why Poker Runs?

Poker runs are just like any other motorcycle event in that they offer like-minded people a great chance to meet up and have fun. You can discuss your bikes with other bikers and take great photos. The thrill of riding and poker adds an extra element to the proceedings.

Poker runs are usually limited in time, but the racing element doesn’t help players win. It’s all down to the cards dealt. Participants don’t have to rush and can enjoy the scenery along their journey.

Poker runs are a great way to explore new territory and encourage people to get off the beaten path to discover new lands. These events are also held to raise money for charity. Some of the most successful poker runs have raised significant funds for major foundations.

The 2009 largest event saw 2,136 motorcyclists, who raised money for the Fallen Firefighter Survivors Foundation. Another major event was the 2012 Ottawa Motorcyclist Survivors Foundation fundraising drive, where 586 motorcyclists raised sponsorship donations.

The Fun of the Run

What is it that draws people into poker runs? There are many things.

  • Poker runs encourage people to get outside and see places they don’t normally go to or know about.
  • It’s a great way to bring customers to local attractions and businesses.
  • Poker runs raise money for community giving.
  • A great way to meet other riders, show your bike off, and have a good time.
  • Poker runs give you the chance to win some sort of prize.
  • Poker runs allow motorcyclists to do what they love: ride and talk about their motorcycles.

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what is a poker run

Poker Run Tips

Riders planning to go on a poker run need to be aware of these safety and fun tips:

  • Many poker runs have bars as a stop. Be aware that even a small amount of alcohol can increase your chances of crashing multiple times. We won’t tell anyone to drink a safe amount on a motorcycle. There is no safe amount. So use your best judgement.
  • Bring a motorcycle communication device to keep your riding group on the right track. Your motorcycle Bluetooth headset will allow for you to play your favorite music while on the road.
  • To protect your body, wear all recommended motorcycle gear, including a helmet and armored jacket, riding pants, and boots.
  • Remember that all the same safety rules for motorcycles apply to poker runs, including following the law and navigating around traffic.


So, What is a poker run? A poker run is a social event for high performance boats that involves a long cruise with several stops. At each stop, participants pick up a playing card. The goal is to come away with the best five-card poker hand.

Poker runs are a great way for motorcycle enthusiasts to get together and have some friendly competition.