The Top 5 Free Online Poker Sites for Fun and Profit

When it comes to free online poker sites, there are plenty to choose from. But which one is the best for you? That depends on your level of experience and what you’re looking for in a poker site.

If you’re just starting, then we recommend trying out one of the many beginner-friendly free online poker sites that offer different card games. This will give you a chance to learn the ropes without risking any real money.

Best free online poker sites in the U.S.

Online real money poker games are only legal in four states: New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. However, sweepstakes poker and social gaming may offer an alternative. You can even win cash prizes and real prizes with some of these games.

Don’t forget to open an account to play real money poker online. Here are some of the top free online poker sites.

1. Global Poker

free online poker sites

Global Poker has one major advantage: it gives players from the U.S.A and Canada the chance to play legal online poker games. Players can play with virtual chips (gold coins) but cannot redeem them for real money.

However, players who purchase gold coins will be eligible for bonus sweepstakes prizes, called “$weeps Coins.” This virtual money can then be used to enter $weeps Coins tournaments or ring games. $weeps Coins are considered bonus sweepstakes prizes and Global Poker is not considered gambling.

WorldPay offers many withdrawal options and $weeps Coins are available to be cashed out when a player wins. Real money freerolls are available to players who have enough gold coins.

Start chips: 100,000 gold coins.

How to get more: Buy more chips (as low as $1 for 5,000 chips) and earn $weeps Coins, which can then be used to make more cash.

Games: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Crazy Pineapple.

Pros: The tables offer smooth gameplay and fun avatars. You can play the games from your web browser without downloading any programs. Every week, thousands of dollars are given away via $weeps Coins.

When poker players have at least $50 in $weeps Coins, they can cash out. Regular players can take advantage of $weeps Coins-freeroll opportunities.

Cons: The action moves quickly from one player to the next – don’t linger too long or you will lose your hand. This is especially true if you have a good hand. Multitasking is not an option.

2. PokerStars Play

free online poker sites

Black Friday may have ended your poker games at one of the largest poker sites, but PokerStars free play gives you the chance to relive the 2000s poker boom years. PokerStars may not offer real-money action, but it offers plenty of fun and the chance to improve your game.

Players can join leagues or start their own. Then they can move on to bigger tournaments along the poker trail – eventually ending up in Las Vegas. There are many challenges for players.

Players who get bored playing poker can switch to different slot machines.

Start chips: 50,000 (with Facebook login).

How to get more: Daily spin earns the player more chips, and 1,200 chips are always yours for free. You can buy more chips starting at $1.99.

Pros: The PokerStars app interface is easy to use with finger swipe gestures. This makes it easy to bet, call, raise, and check. The sound effects and music give off a retro Las Vegas vibe.

Overall, it’s a smooth game as one would expect from PokerStars.

Cons: While Omaha is a nice addition, it can only be unlocked once you reach Level 10.

3. PlayWSOP

free online poker sites

Some people may not have the opportunity to win a gold bracelet at the Rio in Las Vegas. But every player can have a shot at poker glory with this social game offered by the World Series of Poker. PlayWSOP allows you to practice your game in a fun virtual environment.

Players move along the international poker circuit, starting in Atlantic City and ending in Las Vegas.

Start chips: 500,000, with additional 250,000 play chips with Facebook login.

How to get more: Daily Mega Bonus Spin. Purchases are also available starting at $2.99.

Pros: The game includes all the music and sound effects that define the game on ESPN. The game is easy to play and the dealer at each table is a nice touch. It is easy to get into cash games and tournaments.

Omaha is also available at the WSOP for those who enjoy other forms of poker. Unfortunately, Omaha Hi/Lo is not available yet.

Cons: Text displaying names and chips is a little too small.

4. Zynga Poker

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Zynga is now the largest poker site worldwide, with millions and millions of people online 24/7, 365 days a year. The World Poker Tour has partnered with Zynga to offer even more options, including tournaments and sit-and-gos. Although it may not be real cash, chip challenges keep players wanting more.

Start chips: 60,000

How to get more: Numerous ways to earn more, including purchasing for as low as $0.99. You can also get daily free slot spins.

Pros: Easy interface with many player options, including leagues, cash games, and tournaments. The Hand Strength Meter is a great way for beginners to determine their starting hand value.

Cons: This game might not be for you if you are a fan of Omaha or Seven Stud. Only Texas Hold’em is available.

5. PlayWPT

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The World Poker Tour was a huge success in 2002. It helped launch the poker boom that saw players dream of poker stardom and big money. The television show and tour introduced the hole-card camera, which helped to create the sire of televised poker that is still being broadcast today.

This game recreates a WPT final table, down to the television backdropping the players. PlayWPT allows players the opportunity to play cash games and tournaments as well as sit and go’s. Players can progress to events anywhere on the planet, from Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro, fittingly for the World Poker Tour.

Start chips: 25,000, with bonuses for new players.

How to get more: Available for purchase starting at $1.99, with regular free games and missions to help you earn more.

Pros: Gameplay and graphics are easy and smooth. This game is unique because it allows you to watch replays of WPT events and play hands while also providing commentary from longtime commentators Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten.

It’s nice to play poker while you watch WPT.

Cons: It’s Texas Hold’em only in this game. It would be nice to have a few more avatars for newbies.


Free online poker sites give you a chance to learn the basics of poker and practice your beginner skills without risking any real money. Sign up for any of these Top 5 online poker sites and start dominating those tables like a pro.