GTO Poker: The Best Way to Play Texas Hold’em

If you’re looking for the best way to play Texas Hold’em, look no further than GTO poker. This software offers the perfect blend of strategy and automation, making it easy to crush your opponents at the table.

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to make better decisions and take down more pots than ever before!

What is GTO poker?

gto poker

Game theory optimal (GTO poker) is a term that players use to describe the holy grail of Texas Hold’em poker strategy. This strategy allows you to become unexploitable to your opponents and improves your win rate.

GTO poker is at its most basic level strategic. It aims to avoid exploitation that could occur if you make a particular play too often or not enough.

Offense or defense?

GTO is a defensive strategy that incorporates both balanced ranges (or mixed strategy) principles. GTO poker does not aim to maximize profit.

What are hand ranges?

Poker has changed to the point that skilled players no longer think about single hands. They think in terms of the number of hands they could have or make their opponent believe they have.

A hand range is the total number of hands you or your opponent could have in a given situation. You should aim to reduce your opponent’s hand range by analyzing and tracking their play patterns.

Sometimes you can pinpoint the exact hand of your opponent when playing against those who play the same hands every time.

How do you predict the range of your opponent?

It is not possible to predict how long it will take to understand a player’s range. However, observing around 100 hands is enough to get a good idea of their play.

This process begins with assessing how many hands each player is opening. Next, assess how often they cold call and three-bet before moving on to the next step.

The importance of playing with a balanced hand range

A balanced range is a hand range that is not exploitable because of a variety of playing strategies. If you bet only your pairs and don’t check any other hands, you can be easily read by your opponents and exploited.

“Harry” raises only if he has a premium pair or AK. If Harry checks after a flop, it is clear that he doesn’t have a pair. This means he has an AK.

To avoid being exploited and read like this, you must balance the hands you use in every situation. You should always check strong hands, but also bet some bluffs.

This strategy will keep your opponents guessing and prevent your checking range from becoming too weak after a flop.

What is a mixed strategy at GTO poker?

gto poker

Mixed strategy is a strategy that allows you to play different poker games. It is crucial to prevent your opponents from reading you easily.

Mixed strategy poker requires that you are willing to make suboptimal plays in order to create your strategy. If you’re facing an open raise and have a poor hand, you can switch between three-betting and calling depending on the information you have about your opponent.

This mixed strategy will make it difficult for your opponent to identify hands in your range.

Your mixed strategy should be determined away from the table. Because it is too difficult to do in real life, you cannot randomize these frequencies and incorporate them into your game.

This is why it’s even more important to do this part of your strategy in online games.

There are many ways to randomize your mixed strategy. One way is to use your watch. This is completely random, and your opponent will not be able to read you.

You can also create a system that ties into the suit and numerical values of the cards.

You can also do this by feel. If you have checked twice in a 50/50 situation, betting is acceptable. For balance, you should always be aware that your strong hands should also be mixed.

Your opponents should see you as always having the chance of having a nutted card. Otherwise, you could get run over. If you only have one pair, your opponent may exploit you by placing large bets that you cannot win. This can be countered by slowing down and playing stronger hands.

It is important to make your opponents fear your checks as part of a mixed strategy. Your opponents will not be able to take full advantage of weak parts of your range if you always have strong hands.

How to develop a mixed strategy

Over time, a strong mixed strategy can be developed. To avoid making costly mistakes and becoming complacent, beginners should be more conservative. A mixed strategy will put you in more difficult situations so you should only add these layers to your game when you feel comfortable.

Do I have to execute GTO poker all the time?

Daniel Negreanu, a professional poker player, advises that GTO poker should be your base strategy. However, you should deviate slightly from it to exploit your opponents. You must make subtle adjustments to ensure they don’t see your strategy.

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However, GTO play is not necessary to defeat weak opponents. You must make adjustments to weak opponents, not worry about being defensive.


Thanks for reading our guide on GTO Poker. We hope that it will help you improve your game.