The Fascinating Journey of Poker Prodigy Justin Schwartz

Justin Schwartz is a professional poker player who has had an interesting journey to the top. He started his career at a young age and struggled in early tournaments, but he eventually turned it all around and became one of the best players in the poker world.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Justin’s story and find out what makes him one of the most successful poker players today.

The Justin Schwartz poker journey

justin schwartz

Justin Schwartz, aka Stealthmunk, was once a top online poker player who has earned a reputation in the live poker community. His most recent adventure, shall we say, was his expulsion by the World Series of Poker bigwigs.

Justin Schwartz’s most memorable moment is his WSOP exit on Day 7 of the Main Event when his set lost against Joe McKeehen’s set. Schwartz’s winning personality, profanity-laden tirade, and refusal to shake hands with anyone on the way out are all examples of his intriguing personality.

Whatever people may think of Schwartz, it is clear that he has had some success. Schwartz’s live tournament winnings have reached $1.18 million to date.

Justin Schwartz is not afraid of expressing himself and he doesn’t mince words. His personality and attitude are a result of his difficult past. It seems that his problems continue to haunt him.

Early struggles as a poker prodigy

Schwartz began playing poker when he was 13 years old, much to his parents’ disapproval. However, he claimed that his mother did not have any problem taking his winnings when he won a major online tournament at age 17. When Schwartz hit rock bottom, his father was there to help him.

During his youth, Schwartz struggled with homelessness, run-ins with law enforcement, and drug abuse. Much of this he attributed to his rocky relationship with his parents. In addition to his father, his friends from the poker world also saved him from heading down a dangerous path.

Justin Schwartz was arrested in November 2013 for possession of a controlled drug. This almost derailed his chances of participating in the 2015 WSOP. At sentencing, the judge gave Schwartz two options: a one-year suspended sentence with a conditional discharge on his record or drug rehab and probation.

Schwartz chose the second option because the first would have prevented him from coming to Las Vegas to play in the WSOP. He was harshly criticized for this decision.

Lifetime ban at the WSOP

Justin Schwartz entered WSOP with a very different goal than most players. While the WSOP bracelet was often a driving factor in poker tournaments, it was the seven-figure payout that mattered to a man who desperately needed a debt-free start. Schwartz admitted later that the bracelet would have provided social validation.

The unthinkable happened. A Reddit post claims that Schwartz’s friend had a bong in Schwartz’s room at a Caesars property during a WSOP circuit tournament.

Security arrived at the room to respond to a noise complaint. They saw the bong which led to a lifetime ban on Justin Schwartz from all Caesars’ properties and WSOP events. Even though a bong can be used for legal substances, the WSOP banned Schwartz from future events.

Nevada now allows recreational marijuana. However, private property owners have the right to decide what is and isn’t allowed on their grounds.


Justin Schwartz had an interesting journey to the top. He started his career by struggling in early tournaments, but he eventually turned it all around and became one of the best players in the poker world.