Straddle Poker Strategy: The Best Time to Do It

Straddle poker is a fun and exciting poker strategy that can be enjoyed by players of all levels of experience. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about playing straddle poker, including the most appropriate times to do it.

What is straddle poker?

Poker straddles can be confusing for newcomers to the game. This article will explain what poker straddles are and whether you should ever try to straddle yourself.

What is a poker straddle?

straddle poker

A poker straddle is a bet made by a player before the cards are dealt in an attempt to gain an advantage. A player who straddles buys the big blind and doubles his stakes.

The amount of the big blind is determined by a standard straddle. If house rules allow it, it can be larger.

Let’s say you’re playing a $3 No-Limit Hold’em game. Before the deal begins, the under-the-gun player advances $6 in chips and the dealer says “Straddle” or “Live Six”. It is twice the size of the big blind.

The goal of a straddle is to increase the size of the pot.

When the under-the-gun (UTG) player straddles, the preflop is played as if the UTG player was in the big blind.

In our example, the player to the left of the straddler will be the first to act preflop. The player can call or raise the $6 bet or fold. The action continues around the table with the UTG player being the last to act.

Action resumes as usual in all post-flop betting rounds.

While most poker rooms allow straddles from the UTG position, some allow straddles from the button or other positions.

Some poker rooms allow double, triple, or even more straddles. For example, if the players under the gun straddle for $6, the player to the left can double straddle for $12. This can increase the stakes even before the cards are dealt.

Why straddling is a bad idea

A player who straddles runs the risk of losing their expected value (EV) in that hand.

This is because you are placing a blind bet. This is contrary to the principles of a winning poker strategy. Poker is all about hand selection in the early stages.

There are not many casinos that allow straddle poker. The most accurate hand selection is needed to win. It’s not a good idea to look at hands like 7 2 or J 3 while sitting under the gun.

The main point of this input is that blind raises in no-limit hold’em lose in the long run because most hands should be folded preflop.

Most of the time, you’ll end up with a hand like this one when straddling and getting an ace.

The input states that using straddle hands reduces stacks by half in terms of the number of big blinds. In other words, if there is $300 in a $1$3 match, then with a $6 straddle, the amount of money in the pot would be cut in half to $150.

A 50 big blind stack can bring new strategies to starting hands and post-flop play and can cause problems at the poker table.

Straddling can be a good idea when it is appropriate

The straddle should not be used carelessly. It is perfectly acceptable to never initiate a straddle. However, there are some cases where straddling can be beneficial.

straddle poker

1. There is a loose table. If you have a lot of opponents who fold aggressively post-flop, straddling could be a good strategy. The table dynamic allows you to straddle large preflop pots and then place aggressive post-flop bets.

There is one downside to Multiway straddle Poker. The pot is already big before the flop so you have to bet big. This strategy is not for the faint-hearted.

2. If everyone is straddling. If everyone is straddling at the table, you might want to straddle when it’s your turn.

This is a great way to play at a lively, action-packed table with lots of chances to win money. If you’re not used to it, a game like this could make you feel out of your element.

If everyone at the table is playing tight, a straddle could be a way to get them to loosen up and start playing more aggressively.

However, it is better to not straddle than to do it too often.

How does straddle poker affect the game flow?

To get more action at the table, many poker players straddle. However, frequent straddling can lead to a tighter overall dynamic at the table.

The straddle pushes players outside of their comfort zones, especially those who are not used to it. Click To Tweet

The poker straddle is designed for live cash games and can affect players with extensive online poker experience.

Many players will fold marginal to decent hands when a straddle is in play. This includes lower pocket pairs and suited connects. These hands can be played behind a straddle to move them out of the raise first in (RFI range) and into a calling range or three-betting range.

What is a Mississippi straddle?

There are two types of straddles in poker – the Mississippi Straddle and the Regular Straddle. The Mississippi Straddle is allowed at any position, while the Regular Straddle can only be done from the button.

Some straddles change the way preflop action works.

Let’s say the button causes a $6 straddle in this $1$3 game. The UTG player or the small blind is the first to play. The first player could either call, raise, or fold. The action would continue if there wasn’t a raise.

The player under the gun called the $6. The action folded to the cutoff, who also called.

If a player in front of the button straddler raises, the button player takes over their normal position in a betting round. The button player has the option to call the raise, re-raise, or fold.


Straddle poker is a fun and exciting strategy that can trigger more action at the table. In this guide, you have learned everything you need to know about straddle poker, including when and when not to straddle. We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we do!