When Both Players Hold Two Flushes Who Wins the Game?

Recently at a low limit table game there were two players with flushes and I overheard one of the players jump out of their seat and yell, “two flushes who wins?”

For anyone that has played poker for a period of time, this is a pretty straight forward answer, but we’ll dive into how this works in this post. 

A flush is a strong hand in poker. When you hit one, it’s safe to assume you will likely win the hand. It’s believed that flushes are easier to hit than a straight, but it’s actually the other way around as straights are twice as likely to hit. 

Since it’s more difficult to hit though, the winrate is higher. But, what if there are two players with a flush?

What happens when both players hold two flushes who wins?

If two players have a flush, the player with the highest high card will be the winner. If both flushes are using a community high card for example, it will go to who holds the next highest card. 

For example, if Q♣ T♣, another has K♣ J♣, and the board comes out A♣ 9♣ 5♣ 8♦ 8♥ – the A on the board is the highest, but the player with a K will win since that’s higher than a Q. 

Bigger cards are better for hitting a flush Click To Tweet

It is widely accepted that bigger whole cards are better for hitting a flush.  If you are mainly playing AK, AQ, AJ for example, this means you will have the “nut” flush. The nut in this case is because you can’t be beat and is considered the best hand.

A high double suited poker hands is much better than a low double suited poker hands because it gives you a higher chance of winning against other poker hand rankings that may bet.

Having the AK nut flush is not always the best

One except to having big whole cards like AK for your flush is based on extracting value. When you have both the nut and second nut flush cards in your hand, it makes it less likely that your opponent is willing to engage in a big raise and therefore a little harder to extract value.

If you have AJ and they have KQ, they will have to make the determination if they think you have the one card that beats them and therefore they’ll be willing to pay more compared to if they don’t have a K in their hand. 

You’ll at least get an idea of how high their flush is based on knowing you don’t have the second nut flush and how strong they are betting. 

Hitting a flush isn’t easy, the chances of having the second nut flush in a losing hand is even harder to imagine. 

Most of the time you want AK as the kicker is valuable, but it’s actually less profitable in the rare cases when two players both have a flush. 

Usually you won’t worry about two players hitting a flush, but there are certainly times it happens. You have to be aware of a few scenarios in this case:

  1. A player will have a higher flush while the other has the lower end
  2. They both have a flush where the community cards contain the highest flush
  3. One of the players may have a straight flush (on the bottom end of it), while another player may have a higher flush, but not a straight flush. 
  4. One player has a bottom end straight flush and another player has a top end straight flush.

two flushes who wins

Higher vs. Lower Flush

When playing poker, the rules are simple although there are many poker variants it is important to remember that a player with a higher flush will win the hand. It doesn’t matter if both players have a flush; it only matters who has the highest flush, irrespective of it being the red flush or toyal flush as long as its the highest flush, the player stands a chance to win poker games. 

The value of the flush goes from lowest possible (a 23457 of the same suit) to the biggest possible flush without having the strongest hand in poker – a royal flush (an AKQJT of the same suit).

The highest flush beats not only all lower flushes that might fold to our bets, but also any sets (trips), two pairs, or pairs. If you don’t have the nut flush yourself, then there’s always a chance someone else does. Scenarios where you have 2nd nutflush and someone else holds thernutflush will happen, and you’ll need to pay him off.

But all other times you’re up against worse hands,you can expect to make money. Any flush is a great hand to have in poker since it beats so many other weaker poker hands

Who wins if both players have a flush of the same rank?

If you and another player both have a flush of the same rank, the pot will be split between you. The rake will be deducted from the pot first, and then it will be evenly split between you. 

This way you might not get a clear winner, but it is to be noted that no one loses the game. 

Straight flush vs. Ace-high flush

When two players are faced with a straight flush and an ace-high flush, the player with the straight flush will win. This hand is statistically unlikely to happen often, but it’s important to know how to play this situation correctly. A straight flush occurs once every 72,000 hands on average, while a regular old flush pops up once in every 508 hands.

So if you’re lucky enough to have one of these powerful poker hands at the table, make sure you play it right!

Who wins if there is a flush on the table?

There is no clear answer to this question, as it depends on the cards that are currently on the table.

There are two other scenarios where it might be confusing to determine the winning hand. 

That is when both players have a flush, but the community cards are all higher. 

Or in a really unlikely scenario two players both have straight flushes and one is on the bottom end whereas the other player is on the higher end (higher hand wins). 

How Does a Flush Stack Up?

A flush holds a very strong poker hand ranking, to be precise fourth on the list. Click To Tweet

A Flush is the fourth best possible hand in the poker hand ranking system. A Full House ranks directly above it.

The flush ranks 5th in hand strength. A full house beats a flush, four of a kind beats a flush, straight flush, and then finally a royal flush all beat a standard flush. 

Although it ranks 5th, it is rarely beaten. It beats a straight, three of a kind, two pair, one pair, and certainly high card. 

Next time you play the game, make sure you are clear about how the flush works. Good luck at the tables!