What are the Odds of a Royal Flush in Poker?

What are the odds of a royal flush? This is a question that many poker players have asked themselves at one card game or another. The answer, however, is not as straightforward as you might think.

Read on to find out the odds of a royal flush. 

Probability of a Royal Flush in Pokerodds of a royal flush

It seems like it will only take a few minutes for a royal flush to appear in any poker movie. This is a poker hand with a very specific structure: the ten and jack, queen, queen, king, and ace. This hand is usually dealt to the hero of the movie and is then revealed dramatically.

A royal flush is the highest-ranked hand in poker. It is very difficult to get a royal flush because of the requirements.

Basic Assumptions & Probability

There are many ways to play poker. We will assume that a player is dealt five cards using a 52-card deck. The cards dealt are not wild and the player keeps all the cards.

Two numbers are required to calculate the probability of a royal flush.

  • The total number of possible poker hands.
  • The number of possible ways a royal flush could be dealt.

Knowing these numbers will allow us to calculate the probability of getting dealt a royal flush. Simply divide the second number by 1.

Number of Poker Hands

To calculate the number of hands in poker, you can use some of the combinatorics techniques. It is important to remember that the order in the cards is irrelevant. Because the order doesn’t matter, each hand can be a combination of five cards out of 52.

The formula for combinations is used to determine the number of C ( 52, 5) possible hands.

Royal Flush

A royal flush is a flush. This means that all cards must be in the same suit. There are many types of flushes.

Unlike other flushes, a royal flush specifies the value of each card. One must have a ten, jack, or queen card.

There is only one possible combination of cards that can be used with any given suit. There are only four possible royal flushes because there are four suits: hearts, diamonds clubs, clubs, spades.

What are the odds of a Royal Flush?

The numbers above indicate that a royal flush is unlikely. Only four royal flushes are found among the nearly 2.6 million poker hands. These almost 2.6 hands are evenly distributed.

Each of these hands is equally likely to be dealt to a person due to the way the cards are shuffled.

The probability of getting dealt a royal flush depends on how many royal flushes you have divided by the total poker hands. Now, we divide the numbers and find that a royal flush can be very rare. This hand is very unlikely to occur.

A probability this small can be difficult to grasp, much like very large numbers. This number can be put in perspective by asking how long it would take for 649,740 hands to complete. If you played 20 hands of poker per night, this would be only 7300 hands per year.

In 89 years, you can expect to see only one royal flush. This hand is not as common, despite what the movies might have us believe.


So, what are the odds of a royal flush? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think. While there is no one definitive answer, estimates suggest that the odds of hitting a royal flush in a card gamr range from 1 in 649,740 to 1 in 2.4 million.

So, if you’re looking to hit this elusive hand, your best bet is to play often and hope for the best!